Wesley Fellows Internships

The “Wesley Fellowship” program will allow approximately six to eight selected undergraduate Penn State students to explore an area of service and ministry that they have particular interest in for one year. Areas of service might include: mission and justice, campus ministry, coffeehouse ministry, children’s ministry, health ministry, social justice ministries etc.…  The internships would include a stipend and be under the direction of the Director of Campus Ministry and the ministry director of each specific area.


Wesley Fellows: A yearlong stipended internship experience for between 6-8 Penn State undergraduate students who have an interest exploring vocation and gaining experience serving in a variety of ministry or non-prophet setting. 


General Qualifications:

  • A student who supports, believes in, and advocates for the mission of St. Paul’s UMC, Wesley PSU, and Abba Java Coffeehouse
  • A current undergrad Penn State Student who has completed at least one school year by fall 2016
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • Enjoys working with a diverse group of peers and non-students
  • Able to serve approx. 8 hours a week: flexible day, weekend, and evening hours
  • Must complete St. Paul’s UMC Safe Sanctuary training and clearances


Other General Internship Experiences

§  Mentoring from a leader in the St. Paul’s UMC congregation

§  Monthly Intern Meetings

§  A retreat each semester


Ministry Internships:

Abba Java Coffeehouse Management: Work with the Manager of Abba Java to gain experience in keeping inventory, budget, ordering, and day to day operations of the coffeehouse

Abba Java Coffeehouse Volunteer Management and Hospitality: Work with the Manager of Abba Java to gain experience working with and training volunteers, keeping the coffeehouse space welcoming and warm, and connecting volunteers to the larger ministry

Abba Java Coffeehouse Events: Work with the Manager of Abba Java to plan, implement, and oversee events in Abba Java coffeehouse

Wesley Campus Ministry Service and Justice: Work with Campus Minister to plan, implement, and oversee service and mission events for students to participate in

Wesley Campus Ministry Events: Work with Campus Minister to plan, implement, and oversee spiritual formation and fellowship events for students to participate in

St. Paul’s UMC Children’s Ministry: Work with our Director of Children’s Ministries and Pre-school Ministries in a variety of places like pre-school Chapel time, Sunday school, kids/family service projects, Vacation Bible School, Sunday Morning Children’s sermons etc.

St. Paul’s UMC Health Ministries: Assisting with health awareness and education by planning and implementing a health fair for the congregation and community. Assist with other health ministry initiatives. Work with parish nurse and Director of Congregational Health Ministry

St. Paul’s UMC Mission Ministries: Work with mission ministries within the church (ie. Shoe Bank, Out of the Cold Homeless Ministry) and in partnership with local organizations involved in mission 


Applications for 2018-2019 academic year will be available in March 2018.